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They are the pulse of the maggots. Welcome to, and today we're counting.
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  • Slipknot Top 10 Songs Top 10 SlipKnoT songs in 2010 (all are in my opinion) Stay SIC Maggots. my favorite.
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  • 10 Best Slipknot Songs

    10 Best Slipknot Songs

    10 Best Slipknot Songs

    The best Slipknot songs are bred from the band’s Midwestern roots, as the masked marauders from Des Moines, Iowa, have taken the blood, sweat and tears of their blue-collar upbringing and poured it into their music. Slipknot are a way of life for their fans — affectionately dubbed maggots — because they managed to distill fury into manic, artfully constructed, unforgettable songs that still bash you over the skull. They are masterful with their metal, but on a deeper level, it’s their skillful playing, carves-space-in-your-cranium melodies and their full on assault on all senses that make Slipknot one of the most important metal bands ever. With great difficulty, we’ve made our picks for the 10 Best Slipknot Songs:

    'Sarcastrophe' From: '.5: The Gray Chapter' From: 'Iowa' (2001) 'Psychosocial' 'All Hope Is Gone' (2008) 'The Negative One' From: '.5: The Gray Chapter' From: 'Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses)'
    Top 10 Slipknot Songs of All Time

    Top 10 Slipknot Songs of All Time

    Top 10 Slipknot Songs of All Time

    Slipknot is an American masked heavy metal band from the sticks of Iowa.  Since 1999’s self-titled debut and hundreds of intense live shows, Slipknot has proven themselves as metal giants.  I will never forget the first time I saw them at Ozzfest ’99 when no one knew what exactly they were.  I didn’t entirely understand what I was witnessing—no one seemed to—but they brought an irresistible energy to the second stage that has never been matched at any Ozzfest since.  I remember blasting their free cassette sampler on the way home, loving every second of it while simultaneously trying to make sense of it all.  Here is the list of the Gears of Rock’s Top 10 Slipknot Songs of All Time:

    #1 “Psychosocial” All Hope is Gone  (2008)

    #2 “The Heretic Anthem” Iowa  (2001)

    #4 “Wait and Bleed” Slipknot (1999)

    #5 “Left Behind” Iowa (2001)

    #6 “Duality” Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) (2004)

    #7 “Sulfur” All Hope is Gone  (2008)

    #8 “Before I Forget” V ol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)  (2004)

    #9 “People = Sh*t” Iowa  (2001)

    Top 10 Slipknot songs - Onyx Path Forums

    Top 10 Slipknot songs - Onyx Path Forums

    What, we're doing WTA and Slipknot and there's no Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat.? What a missed opportunity. ^^

    The whole list of quoted songs/poems from W:tA plus Slipknot's W:tA album (Also complete song quote lists for Changeling, Hunter, Mummy, etc. Only one Wraith book missing, Great War, from that list, half of the Mage books and barely any Vampire. )

    I contacted a few of the members of Slipknot back when the W20 KickStarter came out, just in case any of the original guys were still interested.

    I know you don't want to see. I know you're not part of me

    But you wonder just the same. So I'll let you in on this game

    What's on the top is just the beginning

    Of the protectorate that keeps Gaia spinning

    It never ends, and with the gifts Luna sends, to the apocalypse

    On we defend for the right to live in a perfect world

    For our past mistakes, extinction we are hurled

    Trying to make amends for the Impergium,

    As Weaver and the Wyld and a bitch called the Wyrm

    (You don't want to know)

    All the power of the Wyld that runs through me,

    Yet the reason why is an answer that eludes me

    (You don't want to see)

    Our viewpoint on what mankind is doing,

    That black inside when frenzy is brewing

    (You don't want to feel)

    Best Ten Slipknot Songs

    Best Ten Slipknot Songs

    Best Ten Slipknot Songs

    Formed in 1995, Slipknot is a metal group, founded by Shawn Crahan and Paul Gray. The band is well known for its overnight success after the release of their debut self-titled album in 1999.

    Formation and Musical Career

    In September 1995 bassist Paul Gray and drummer Shawn Crahan joined to create a band ‘The Pale Ones’.In late 1995, on Jordison’s suggestion the band’s name was changed to Slipknot. In early 1996, Steele left the band and was replaced by Craig Jones. Afterwards, Mick Thomson was recruited as replacement guitarist when Jones became the sampler for the band. In 1996 the band self-released ‘Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat’. The demo however could not stir any kind of interest in record labels. The band went back to developing new material. They were looking for more melodious vocals. That is when Corey Taylor was recruited and Colsefni moved to percussions and backing vocals. Along with working on their recording material the band was also doing local shows. In 1997 Colsefni left the band and was replaced with Greg Welts. In 1998, while attending the band’s rehearsals, Ross Robinson proposed to produce their first album. In early July of 1998 the band signed a seven album deal with Roadrunner Records. However, a couple of days prior to this, Welts wanted to leave the band. He was replaced with Chris Fehn. Later guitarist Brainard also left the band and was replaced by Jim Root.

    Their first self-titled album ‘Slipknot’ was released in June 1999. The album was well received by critics as well as fans, peaking at number fifty one on Billboard 200. Prior to the release of the album the band went to their first tour on Ozzfest. Later the band embarked on tours of many countries in 1999 and 2000. Quickly the band gained a large fan following from touring as well as word of mouth. The band’s second album ‘Iowa’ was released in 2001. Prior to the release the band went on a worldwide concert tour, ‘Iowa World Tour’. The album peaked at number three in Billboard 200. It also peaked at number one on UK Albums chart. However because of internal conflict the band went to hiatus in mid-2002.

    The band regrouped in mid-2003 to work on their third album ‘Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)’. It embarked on The Subliminal Verses World Tour after the completion of the album which was released in May 2004. The album peaked at number two on Billboard Album charts. In 2005 the band released ‘9.0: Live’, its first live album. On Billboard album chart it peaked on number seventeen. After heavy touring in 2004 and 2005 the band once again went to hiatus.

    The band’s fourth album was released in August 2008. The album debuted at number one on Billboard Album chart. The band already began touring for the promotion of the album in July 2008. The touring went on throughout 2008-2009. By this time the members of the band were already engrossed with their side projects that were now becoming permanent. In 2010 bassist Paul Gray was found dead in a hotel room. The future of the band was in doubt. As a tribute to Gray the band released a video album (sic) nesses. In 2011 the band however began touring again headlining the Sonisphere festival. The band also headlined Rock in Rio. In 2012 the band released its first greatest hits collection ‘Antennas to Hell’.


    Thorough their music career the band was subjected to many controversies. Especially for their lyrics which were connected to various violent criminal occurrences. For instance in 2003 two young killers claimed that the lyrics of ‘Disasterpiece’ influenced their vicious crime.

    List of Best Top 10 Slipknot   Songs
    Best Slipknot Songs - Top Ten List

    Best Slipknot Songs - Top Ten List

    Best Slipknot Songs The Top TenX W

    1 Psychosocial

    I don't know anybody who likes slipknot but this song sure rocks for me. EPIC RIFF.

    The Best song among the more heavier metal(including Death) songs. It's just EPIC. The Best heaviest Intro ever and the best growl to be ever made with which the song takes off gets even more heavier more Perky. I used to cut the Riffing part of great metal songs put them as my ringtone. But when I heard this, I decided nothing can beat this! Because, NO NEED TO CUT. The Intro does it for you! Love it.

    Simply the best, first Slipknot song I've listened to and in my opinion the best one. EPIC

    Great it

    2 Before I Forget

    Thanks slipknot, for this amazing song. This is obviously your best work, and that is saying a lot. I know someone who hated Slipknot, but loved this song.

    Stay sic fellow maggots!

    Slipknot have made many awesome songs

    before I forget was the first to listen so I like it and believe that's the best

    3 Duality


    THe best slipknot song ever mad good lyrics drumming bass (RIP Paul)

    This list is stupid. Who votes here? Little kids? This is easily number 1. 2nd is Before I Forget, Eyeless or Psychosocial 3rd and 4th and Wait And Bleed 5th.

    For me this is second best song.

    4 Wait and Bleed

    What. song number 4. this song and spit it out should be tied for number one! I think the song is about coreys suicide attempt and how he stopped before he actually killed himself.

    The lyrics are fine, the song isn't. In fact, surprises me to see it this higher.

    THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! Its amazing! When I first heard it, I feel inlove with it like instantly! Before I forget is an okay song too! But I just love this one! This and Spit it out, completely awesome. I think before I forget should be like. Three.

    Just because a song wins a Grammy doesn't mean its good. Wait and Bleed is way better than before I forget. When I 1st heard this song, I loved it instinctively. Corey Taylor's vocals are simply amazing. Duality is their second best and after that Snuff. Before I forget should be somewhere at the bottom of this list. Its chorus is a bit lame. - hanaan143

    The lyrics are better it kinda sounded like Green Day

    5 Snuff

    Its the best song :) Very deep and lots of meaning in it. They couldn't have done better with this song:)

    Snuff. Enough said. )

    it takes a lot of talent for a band to make such a good song in a different genre

    This song is very deep and heavy but you can also tell that it was made by a metal band

    This song is just beautiful, possibly the most meaningful song I've heard.

    6 People = S***

    I know you're all thinking about how songs make you feel emotionally, but I couldn't care less. I'm a musician and in this song Slipknot displays some of their best musicianship, which is really what makes the band. Not masks, awards being won, an image, etc.

    Great song and screams. The drums in this song are my favorite

    This song catches Slipknot at their most honest period. They all hated each other during and it shows in songs like this one. Putting all of that anger into songwriting for a band like Slipknot leads to only one thing. Pure awesomeness, not just in this song but the whole album. This should at least be in the top 5, if not #1.

    Honestly this song may be offensive. But this IS slipknot

    But I think it should be ranked higher :(

    In top five at least!

    One of the best metal songs ever! Can't stop listening to it! It's mindblowing!

    Great song, really accessible, killer guitar and a serious performance from Joey. SLIPKNOT RULE!

    This song has good rhythm and great lyrics!

    8 Eyeless

    this is not only the best songs by slipknot, but also the best metal songs ever composed by any of the bands in the entire universe. just listen to the song and feel why it is the best. the screaming, sick lyric, awesome energy, everything makes the song simply THE BEST! Go sLiPkNot!

    Sexy track, I masturbate with my ear drums mentally with the music that tickles my insides

    Slipknot is the best.

    You're the best. You are the king.

    Hello from turkey to MAGGOTZ

    Best Drum song of all time

    9 Left Behind

    This song is actually LEFT BEHIND, it should be in the top 3! What is HAPPENING. This is trademark Slipknot! Amazing!

    Best song by slipknot! Psychosocial is good but doesn't deserve number one or even two for that matter same with before I forget that songs too overrated

    This is Slipknot! Great Song!

    Maybe the songs above are more melodic and maybe this is not the Slipknot song I would listen to all the time, but when you choose the number one song for a band, you have to choose a song that defines the band. Spit it out would be the one, I think..

    Definitely the best should be #1 great vocals, great guitar and sid has a big part in it. And on one of their best albums

    The Newcomers

    ? My Plague (New Abuse Mix)

    I like this version better than the original, for some reason it was nominated for a grammy, this should be higher

    The Contenders

    11 Sulfur

    Awesome intro, chorus, solo, and ending. Just listen to it you will see what I mean.


    guys actually listen to this song its incredible, you can't beat the drumming at the beginning of this song

    There isn't really a special part that makes you like it, but the song as a whole is simply perfect.

    12 (Sic)

    This is one of the most intense songs I have ever listened to. Why this is not One is beyond me. Amazing lyrics, aggressive vocals, and in the end, the vocals just blow you away. Better than psychosocial, maybe tied with duality.

    Are you kidding me slipknot top ten without (sic) being in it? I can't rate which song is their number one but this song should be on the top ten, Pshychosocial, dead memories, and songs like that are good enough but don't deserve a top ten status, come on fellow maggots vote sensibly

    I just don't understand why this isn't even on the top 10. What were the people thinking when they chose Psychosocial over this? All Hope Is Gone isn't all bad, but the change in style was a major downfall. - Brace5

    Come on maggots! GET (SIC)! Get this song in the top 5!

    13 Surfacing

    Awesome composition! Good Guitar work nice drumming! Nice choice upal! I've loved the song too!

    This was the last song they played at Sonisphere this year! IT WAS AWESOME! R.I. P Paul Gray

    Brilliant song to scream into the ears of society! This is when they made some good music! Before Dead Memories that horrible song

    This is Slipknot's best song, it should definitely be higher.

    This song is down so low

    Agreed vermillion is brilliant and should be in the top ten :(

    This song is so in-depth. Even the vocals add to the story. The way Corey Taylor changes his voice from a calm state to a desperate cry absolutely captures the descent into madness that the song's protagonist goes through. Every line in the song can be interpreted differently depending on who is interpreting it, and that's what makes it so beautiful. The fact that the song's message can be different for every listener- depending on what THEY have gone through in the past- insures that this song is relatable to everyone, from the most hardcore maggot to a Justin Bieber fan. Why is this song not in the top ten? There is no answer.

    According to number 1

    Melodic, heavy and atmospheric. A perfect single for the upcoming album.5: The Gray Chapter

    This by far the best slipknot song amazing riff mick is a genius awesome lyrics love the whole regular singing then start screaming when Corey says come step inside see the devil in I

    The Lyrics, combined with the great energy of the music makes me excited for their new album. This is in MY top 10.

    Should be a little higher

    16 The Heretic Anthem

    I found this song probably their heaviest - someguy12345

    How can you say you are a true maggot and not have this song in your top 10? ITs simply amazing and gets your adrenaline pumping! If you're 555 than I'm 666!

    As a pure metal fan Iowa is definitely my favorite album and this is a great song, makes me proud of being a metal head

    This song is amazing, and I think it should be higher.

    17 Disasterpiece

    If there are ANY maggots on this site, please vote for it, it the BEST! Before I forget and snuff SUCK, they AREN'T slipknot, slipknot is the grindcore/hardcore metal from the first 2 albums, the other 2 are them trying to be progressive rock, VOTE FOR THIS! (all caps VERY NECESSARY)!

    come on people! better than every song to top 5. Eve oh yeah

    This is BULL! This song is the best by slipknot, before I forget sucks compared this, joey just takes this song away on drumming

    This song captures the most intense emotion. Rage. It is all relatable. Everyone has had that one bully who they want to slit their throat. And Joey's drumming with Mickey and Jim's guitar is PHENOMENAL

    18 My Plague

    'I'm Just a Bastard, But At Least I Admit it' Lyrical Genius beats all the rest easily. - fismeleep

    Actually, I'm trying to find the other best slipknot song, not only Psychosocial, Before I forget, etc. and I think this song is the best one for me. - 09ShamsulBahriel

    Excellent opening verse which really does make you want to take a bite out of a freshly ripped heart.

    Best song by slipknot in my opinion

    This song can make a 80yr old headbang. Its that alive!

    Amazing drumming by Joey. Under-rated!

    The best song ever its (THE BLISTER EXISTS)

    Come on guys! How can this not be in the top 10? Their live concerts of this song are AMAZING! Their headbanging just sends a jolt of energy through u! The playing is awesome too! Defineteli a top 10! Coreys vocals are great hear too!

    Best Slipknot song hands down!

    This song should be much, MUCH higher than 15. This might as well be Slipknot's anthem. It's like Undead for Hollywood Undead or Sick Of You for GWAR. This is my favourite song off of Vol.3 and deservingly so. This has one of Slipknot's best guitar solos. Beaten on by a handful of songs. by handful, I unfortunately mean like 7 or 8.

    Makes me feel like a real maggot

    Slipknot - Top 10 Songs by NMFTW

    Slipknot - Top 10 Songs by NMFTW

    Slipknot – Top 10 Songs by NMFTW

    The first time I watched Slipknot destroy a stage, I was a thirteen year old prepubescent boy, a mere teenager wanting nothing more but to witness the brutality that is Slipknot. The masks, the convulsions of anger, head banging, greasy long hair, pyrotechnics, moshpits, I wanted it all. Yet I was too young to go alone, none of my friends understood my affection for the knot. and I didn’t want to put my parents through 2 hours of hell (I was already a 24 hour nuisance). Therefore, my sister’s, now ex-boyfriend was kind enough to conjure up the courage to bring this rambunctious bundle of joy to a Slipknot  show on his own…what people do for love. Now strength or intimidation wasn’t the issue here. The ex was at least 6’4, 250Ibs African Canadian basketball player, along side a 5’4, 180Ibs asian kid waiting in line for a heavy metal show; talk about out of place.

    Finally walking through the doors of Ricoh Coliseum, chest pounding and excitement over whelming; I see the all so familiar “S” of the Slipknot symbol protruding from every corner of the stage. Lights Dim, screeching guitars blare and fans go freaking ballistic; which is when it hits me… Shits. About. To. Go. Down. The opening track destroys my entirety before I could even regain my balance; same goes for my trustee. Bodies are flying, spit, sweat and blood are intertwining and i’d like to point out that a boot hit me square in the face…needless to say, it was one of the best moments of my life.

    In preparation for Slipknot ‘s fifth studio album entitled .5: The Gray Chapter. I’ve decided to share my take on Slipknot ‘s top 10 songs of all time. Again, this is just my opinion, my thoughts and my favourites; picking just 10 was near impossible. I’ll go through one by one periodically, explaining why I think it fits to the standing, I would love to know your opinion and share the experience with my fellow “Maggots”. Knot on my friends, knot on…

    Ten Best Slipknot Songs

    Ten Best Slipknot Songs

    Ten Best Slipknot Songs

    Posted in: Musicouching by Cecil B. Demented on December 16th, 2009 | 0 Comments

    I should’ve made this a top twenty.

    So with all of that being said about the phenomenal Slipknot, allow me to roll out ten of their best songs. I know that a lot of you psycho Slipknot fans won’t agree with me on a few because you like to crybaby about how “they’re just not the same anymore.” I would like to know, what good band just stays the same? Yeah, none. So quit your whining and enjoy all of these songs, including the ones from “the other albums.”

    Best Slipknot Songs #10: ‘Duality’ off of ‘Volume 3-The Subliminal Verses’

    “I push my fingers into my eyes. ” Anybody can relate to lyrics like that. Who hasn’t pushed their fingers into their eyes? Disclaimer: I’m kidding. I haven’t pushed my fingers into my eyes and neither should you. Der.

    Best Slipknot Songs #9: ‘Snuff’ off of ‘All Hope is Gone’

    Snuff is one of Slipknot’s mellower songs, as far as the music goes. However, the lyrics are really intense. This is something of a love song, but believe me, you don’t want to play it at your wedding.

    Best Slipknot Songs #8: ‘Pulse of the Maggots’ off of ‘Volume 3-The Subliminal Verses’

    This song just makes me want to be in the Palladium with a few hundred other sweaty drunk fans wondering where the hell my other shoe went.

    Best Slipknot Songs #7: ‘Skin Ticket’ off of ‘Iowa’

    This is another one of Slipknot’s mellower songs, but as it goes on, it gets progressively harder. I think that is what I like most about this song.

    Best Slipknot Songs #6: ‘The Heretic Anthem’ off of ‘Iowa’

    This song is not for religious folk. Unless, of course, they are looking for something to protest. This is what makes this song perfect for me. I freaking love this song.

    Best Slipknot Songs #5: ‘I am Hated’ off of ‘Iowa’

    This song is extremely aggressive. In other words, it’s awesome. It reminds me of hot summertime Ozzfests and mosh pits filled with bloody, sweaty people that you really don’t want to touch. Nostalgia.

    Best Slipknot Songs #4: ‘People=Sh*t’ off of ‘Iowa’

    I chose this song simply because of its blunt, yet honest, title. It’s a really sick song too.

    Best Slipknot Songs #3: ‘Eyeless’ off of ‘Slipknot’

    This song is absolutely f*cking classic Slipknot. The first minute of the song really says it all. These guys really know how to crank out the hardcore tunes.

    Best Slipknot Songs #2: ‘The Nameless’ off of ‘Volume 3-The Subliminal Verses’

    This is the most passive-aggressive love song that I have ever heard. All right, it’s more aggressive than passive.

    Best Slipknot Songs #1: ‘Liberate’ off of ‘Slipknot’

    This is the fastest, sickest, most bad*ss of all Slipknot songs, hands down. This song is simply mind-numbing.