Game iCube : Play Rubik’s Cube on Your iPhone

Written by Harga Ponsel on Desember 22nd, 2008

rubiks-cube-iphoneIt is highly unlikely that someone has not played Rubik’s cube before but playing it on your iphone will be different. Now you can play your favorite game known as Rubik’s cube on iphone and what you need to do is just install this game called iCube and you are set to play the game you used to play when you were a kid. There is no doubting the fact the game can be very addicting with that constant urge to solve the cube. It occupied me day in and day out and till date the fever of playing the Rubik’s cube hasn’t come down. So download Rubik’s cube on your iphone called iCube and relive your past days. Solve the cube and show your friends, feel proud as it takes quite a lot of mental prowess and still to crack the cube.

Features of iCube for iphone:

1. First things comes first and the point worth mentioning here is that playing your favorite game on iphone will be a totally different experience. You won’t be able to experience the ease while playing the game as twisting and turning the cube on the iphone is something that kills the whole feel of playing the Rubik’s cube. However iphone does its best to realize the game as far as possible but still some thing’s never change.
2. Also there are no fancy animations and sounds to get you glued to the game but it was expected. There is no need of all these things when you are a fan of Rubik’s cube.
3. ICube is available as an openGL application and is available as a free download. To get going with the game just start the game and shake your iphone to scramble the cube. Put your heads down and work towards cracking the cube. You can also pause and resume the game later on.


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