Luxurious dual SIM Samsung S9402

Written by Harga Ponsel on Desember 3rd, 2008

The high-end dual SIM-enabled handset Samsung S9402 which we told you about a month ago was officially announced today. Along with the full specs list we have some other interesting details about it. As it turns out it will be called Ego – a matching name for a hefty price tag.

The Samsung S9402 Ego is a dual SIM-enabled mobile phone and packs a 2-inch AMOLED display, and a 5 megapixel autofocus camera with face recognition.

The Samsung S9402 Ego is purportedly made by a new exotic liquid metal alloy developed by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Compared to titanium this new material seems to be more than perfect for the body of a high-end gadget like the new Ego.

It turns out that the liquid metal is 3 times stronger and 1.6 times more flexible. It withstands 1.8 times more pressure, has 3 times better vibration absorption and 100% lower thermal conductivity.

Everything else in the Samsung S9402 Ego is exclusive too – content, menu, ringtones were created especially for this model and won’t be found in any other of the company’s devices.

The Samsung S9402 Ego is expected to hit the shelves (Russia first) this month at an estimated price of 1400 euro (around 1800 US dollars) which is just a bit less than what Motorola expects to get for their Aura and a lot more than the price of a Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte.


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