VZ Navigator – Turn Your Mobile Into A GPS Navigation Device

Written by Harga Ponsel on Desember 23rd, 2008

With the increasing use of technology, the mobile life of the users is increasingly becoming convenient and easier. To add to the ease VZ Navigator is developed which is a GPS based mobile phone application with the ultimate goal turning your mobile phone into a GPS navigation device. At this point it must be said that VZ Navigator certainly does the task very efficiently for what is meant to be. Moreover VZ Navigator is also compatible with the existing versions of the prevailing GPS technologies.

VZ Navigator uses Assisted GPS technology which is assisted by the GPS and cellular antennas. To sum everything about VZ Navigator in few words, VZ Navigator provides all the features that any advanced navigation system must have. There are quite a lot of goods about VZ Navigator but there are also some bads to accompany VZ Navigator.

Features of VZ Navigator:

  1. VZ Navigator provides all the features of any advanced navigation system coupled with the good old features of mobile phone. One thing here to be said is that both the functions are very well integrated.
  2. VZ Navigator also provides sharing facilities. VZ Navigator allows you to get the locations of your friends who also have VZ Navigator installed in their mobile phones. In this way you can easily get knowledge about the whereabouts of your friends who also have VZ Navigator installed in their mobile phones.
  3. VZ Navigator also has a state of art very powerful navigation technique and the best thing is that all this comes at a very low cost which is always better than spending hundreds and thousands of dollars.
    Now to talk about the drawbacks of VZ Navigator, VZ Navigator provides very less support for the blackberry users. Verizon offers “Version 4? but when you try to download it via your blackberry you automatically retrieve Version 2.9.9 and this certainly not a very good choice for blackberry users.

Supported phones: BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Verizon Wireless, windows mobile

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