Freeware Mobile Webcam remotely for Windows Mobile

Written by Harga Ponsel on Oktober 19th, 2009

webcam_holmes_windows_mobile_smartphoneWebcam holmes is an application for windows based mobile .The webcam-holmes is a freeware application released under GNU/GPL license.It  lets to view real time Ip webcams and also to remotely monitor different location on your mobile using Internet or local network .

The webcam-holmes is small size (550 kb approx) application .To use it firstly you got to have  a windows mobile 2003,5.0 or 6.0 and secondly you need to have .net framework 2.0 installed on your mobile.the application works fine on all windows based pocket pc and smartphone devices.

With WH use can watch live images form ip webcam and images published on internet or in lan network.On the application you can easily add new webcams ,share them among your friends to keep in touch with them.

webcam_holmes_2The main feature of the Webcam holes are as follows:-

Can be used to Check surveillance webcams
It provides real time traffic status of important streets
You can also save webcam screenshots to your mobile
Share your preffered webcams with your friends
Watch images from ip webcam on internet or  lan.
Supports both landscape and portrait mode
Screen Supports for QVGA(240×320),VGA(480×640) and square (240×240)
Free application released under GNU/GNL license.
Application size 550 kb
But there is sometimes bugs using webcam holmes on pocket pc due to javascript errors and pages not optimzed for small screen.The another thing is the network usage cost.If you want to use internet to watch webcams then you cannot ignore connection charges.

But if you have traffic tarification system than its a solution for your can download the application from the following link: Free Download Webcam-Holmes here

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