Increase high Google Pagerank with DoFollow blogs

Written by Harga Ponsel on November 16th, 2009

Back in the day when blogs were first starting, nasty spammers used to abuse blog commenting, and spam the comments with their junks links, trying to promote all kinds of junks porn gambling sites.

To combat this, Google implemented the “no follow” tag. This tag was picked up by wordpress and impelemented for URLs in comments as standard in their scripts. What it means is that URLs in the comments field are ignored by google, and pagerank and indexing are not improved for the target sites, from these links. The expectation was that this would disuade spammers from commenting on blogs.

“do follow” is one of most popular way to promote your website.

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10 Responses to “Increase high Google Pagerank with DoFollow blogs”

  1. Mobil Says:

    Thanks for the info, just need to find a list of do follow blogs now to post on!

  2. HargaPonsel Says:

    thanks for your comments, please come back again later 🙂

  3. benehalfirman Says:

    yups…it work. But sometime its hard to find blog with dofollow..

  4. HargaPonsel Says:

    Thank you for your time to visited our do follow blog 🙂
    Please come back later 🙂

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  6. Eva Says:

    Makasih info pdanya ya…

  7. HargaPonsel Says:

    sama2 bro… 🙂
    sering2 aja mampir lg untuk liat harga2 terbaru nya yach 🙂

  8. Linda Says:

    It’s really work! I find blogs with Fast Blog Finder

  9. HargaPonsel Says:


  10. n1 salim Says:

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