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Written by Harga Ponsel on Januari 22nd, 2009

iphone_pc_suiteiPhone PC Suite is an iphone application developed to replace the itunes. The application is not just an alternative to itunes but it also provides better features and functionality. It is also unlike the itunes which consumes a huge chunk of pc ram; it’s very light and is very fast also. iPhone PC Suite performs all the basic functions performed by the itunes but the additional features given by this application is that now you don’t have to worry about your files getting deleted when synchronizing with iTunes.

Features of iPhone PC Suite:
• You can download or upload pics from your pc to iphone or vice versa.
• You can manage all your calendar information, contacts and messages etc.
• You can also manage or save the call log in your pc and later on restore the data if you want to.
• There is also an option of sending messages right from your pc via iphone.
• You can also backup and restore sound themes and ringtones without any fear of them getting deleted when they are synced with itunes.
The list of features is not over; there is a huge list of features pending to be added to the above list. To discover more about the application, you can download the application from the below link and use it to decide whether it is good for you.
The one thing you should keep in mind is that you should update the application as soon as you download it so that if there is any new feature released, it will be automatically inculcated.

iphone pc suite version 4

• iTunes
• Jailbraked iPhone
• Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Free Download iPhone PC Suite


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