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Written by Harga Ponsel on Desember 5th, 2009

send-free-sms Indosat‘s and Telkomsel‘s was free again!
Latest Free news from Indosat and Telkomsel Simpati GSM SIM Card! After some time there is free internet from Indosat using Opera Mini Indosat Modif free downloadable, which is NOT Valid. This time there are more free to users Mobile operator Indosat, which is a free SMS Free SMS using Indosat GSM Cellular Operator? You not believe? Please see of this trick.

In this way you can Sending FREE SMS to any number using either the operator Indosat (Mentari, IM3) or Telkomsel (Simpati) in charge Rp. 0, -. No sms application needed or send via SMS Portal provider.

How can Free SMS Indosat’s and Telkomsel’s?
This is the tricks to send unlimited free SMS. Way and the easy condition:

1. Setting change the Mesagge Center Number on your mobile phone to no: +919821900035. By default settings Mesage your center operator Indosat and Telkomsel is +62855000000 (IM3) and +62816124 (Mentari) Change the Mesage Center Number to +919821900035.

2. SMS Number Destination must begin with the country code and area code, for example: +6285xxxxxxxx, +6281xxxxxxx, +6282xxxxx and so there should be a +62 is country code, if you only use 085xxx, so on then you will fail SMS sent.

On 08 Februari 2009 Best Trick SMS Indosat is still functioning properly and smoothly, but like the previous tricks like this free trick there last time. Ok good to enjoy Free SMS services Indosat.

Update SMSC Indosat :
09 Februari 2009
SMSC +919821900035 (Expired)

12 Februari 2009
SMSC Indosat +85368008570 (Expired)

6 Juni 2009
SMSC Gratis Indosat +12063130024 (Expired)

21 Juni 2009
SMS Center SIMPATI +15148210053 (Expired)

22 Juni 2009
Indosat +919897051917 (Expired)

25 Juni 2009
Simpati +15148210053
Three +254770000040

21 Juli 2009
+34690530168 (Expired)

1 Agustus 2009
+34690525511 (expired)
+525512235511 (expired)
Three +254770000040 (expired)
Simpati +15148210053

Update 3 Agustus 2009
+21698390063 Indosat (Expired)

Update 4 Agustus 2009
+34690525511 ( Indosat) (expired)
+525512235511 (Indosat) (expired)
+21698390063 ( Indosat) (expired)
+21698390064 (Indosat) (expired)
+21698390065 (Indosat) (expired)
+550310000115 (Indosat dan Three) (expired)
+254770000040 (Three Only) (expired)
+15148210053 (Simpati Only)

Update Free SMSC 8 Agustus 2009
+919823000040 (Indosat) (expired)

Update 24 Agustus 2009
+15148210053 (Simpati)

Update 3 September 2009
Free SMSC Indosat dan XL
+2348020005001 (expired)
+2348020000008 (expired)
+2348020000009 (expired)
+15148210053 (Simpati)

Please check the Date and Status Update and follow the continued development of a free update next SMS Center at

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