Most Download Free Blackberry Software for Your Handheld Mobile

Written by Harga Ponsel on Januari 9th, 2010

BlackBerry is a wireless handheld device that has the ability push e-mail, mobile phone, SMS, Fax Internet, Internet browsing, and various other wireless capabilities. BlackBerry advantage lies in its ability to support new applications because it is made with a standard platform that makes it easy for developers to create applications take additional interesting features. You can get reference about Google Mobile, MyLocation, Opera Mini Browser, BBNotepad, Oanda FXConverter, Blackberry Quick Pull, Blackberry Updater, Lock Talk, Blinko, Minimoni.
This free software will increase the functionality of Your BlackBerry Device becomes more diverse and excellent.

google-mobile-blackberry1. Google Mobile
Google this facility is provided free of charge for users of BlackBerry users
Download free link:

google_mobile_my_location2. MyLocation
MyLocation is the GPS support application that can report the location to the web server to your regular phone as an owner or to others who already own you selected earlier.
Download free link:

operamini-blackberry3. Opera Mini Browser
Opera Mini browser has a uniqueness that lies in the choice of different color schemes.
This is very helpful if you use a theme that tends to appear dark.
Opera Mini browser also has a speed in displaying a page.
Download free link:

bbnotepad4. BBNotepad
BBNotepad have similar functions with notepad in Microsoft Windows.
BBNotepad can open a text file format ANSI, UNICODE, UNICODE-BE and UTF-8.
Download free link:

Oanda FXConverter blackberry5. Oanda FXConverter
Oanda FXConverter used for currency conversion.
FXConverter Oanda only supports version 4.0 or newer.
Download free link:

QuickPull_blackberry6. BlackBerry Quick Pull
This application can help you to do a soft reset with ease
Download free link:

blackberry-updater7. BlackBerry Updater
BlackBerry Updater is an application to update its
Download free link:

Lock Talk blackberry8. Lock Talk
Talk Lock is an application to lock the screen and specifically intended for the BlackBerry Storm is equipped with touch screen.
Download free link:

Blinko blackberry9. Blinko
Chat application that can be used for Google Talk, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo and AIM.
Download free link:

Minimoni blackberry10. Minimoni
Application to monitor the use of GPRS
Minimoni available for the BlackBerry operating system version 4.1 and 4.2,
Download free link:

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